What’s the WordPress Community Thankful For?

One the best aspects about WordPress is the community that surrounds the CMS. The WordPress community is one of the most open and helpful communities online. It’s no secret that WordPress has seen tremendous growth the past few years, and I am convinced that the growth of WordPress is directly related to those who answer questions online, produce helpful and interesting podcasts, write tutorials, build absolutely amazing free plugins, host local WordPress meetups, and help put together fantastic WordCamps.

The US holiday of Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days. I’ve asked several people in the WordPress community to share with me what they are thankful for when it comes to the WordPress community.
Devesh Sharma – Founder of WPKube

I’m really thankful to the WordPress community and all the people involved — they are the reason why WordPress is so successful. I don’t think it could have reached the level (& will continue to do so) if it wasn’t for the awesome people involved.

Nile Flores – Founder of Blondish.net

I grew up poor, and had a lot of things happen in my life. Some of these, including being poor, carried over in my earlier days of being a freelancer in WordPress, and because things are loads better than what they use to be, I’m thankful for a LOT! I’m thankful for my family, friends, and also thousands of WordPress community members who’ve supported me in my roughest times. Most of all, I’m thankful for my son (he is also a WordPress user), who drives me to hopefully one day leave a legacy for him.

Jason Tucker – Founder of WP watercooler and WP Media Pro

I’m grateful for the friendships that WordPress connected me with, it’s a blessing to be on our 3rd year with WPwatercooler and getting to work with such great contributors to the community and people that I can truly say are my friends.

Carrie Dils – Host of OfficeHours.fm and team lead at Crowd Favorite

I’m thankful for a community of passionate people who’ll spend their free time helping others learn, whether it’s planning a meetup, speaking at a WordCamp, or answering a question on StackExchange. WordPress is full of generous people and I’m thankful to be a part of it. I’m particularly thankful for my local volunteers who keep our meetup ticking: Paula Hill, Rudy Lopes, Marc Gratch, and Johnny Thompson.

Michelle Schulp – Founder of Marktime

I am thankful for being part of such a large network of people that not only share their time and knowledge with each other, but also genuinely care about each other and often go out of their way to help each other out or provide support.

Leland Fiegel – WordPress Developer at Themetry

I get the feeling this will be a recurring theme of the other responses to this question, but I’m most thankful for the community’s willingness to help. Whether it be open sourcing code, writing a useful tutorial, or advising someone in person at a local meetup, there’s no shortage of help. The WordPress community is a classic example of something greater than the sum its parts.

Alex Vasquez – Founder of DigiSavvy

I think that the community continues to be one of the things that I’ve become even more thankful for. It never ceases to amaze in its ability to innovate. Also, there’s just so many people willing to help and lend a hand when you need it. I see it time and time again and have been a recipient of this kindness more times than I can count. Community is what drew me in and is what keeps me participating.

Rhys Wynne – Lead Developer at FireCask

I’m most thankful for the people within the community in WordPress. It’s full of some interesting and inspiring characters which help me (both through their inspiration and their willingness to give knowledge) become a better developer. I’m also thankful that I can call many members friends, and whilst as a Brit thanksgiving as a holiday isn’t that important to me, I am looking forward to share a few Christmas drinks at a few community socials in the run up to the festive season!

Matt Cromwell – Brand Ambassador and Support Guru at WordImpress

I’m continually thankful for the generosity of the WordPress Community at large. They are generous with their ideas, their code, their finances. You can’t take three steps in any direction of a WordCamp without running into a WordPresser who would love to help you troubleshoot or beta test your project or even advise you in your business model. Best of all, while they are happy to give their services for free, they’re always eager to pay your weight in gold for your services.


Are you a part of the WordPress community? If so, I would love for you to sound off in the comments below about what you are thankful for when it comes to the WordPress community!

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