Simple Steps Businesses Can Take to Improve Local SEO

Organic SEO Vs Local SEO

First off, you need to understand the difference between organic SEO and local SEO. Put simply, organic SEO is search engine optimization to boost your website in search rankings based on keywords and global searches. Local SEO is search optimization that boosts your business’s search rankings based on location.

As an example, let’s say you run a carpet cleaning business specializing in pet stain removal in the San Francisco area of California. If you focus on organic SEO for your website you’re going to want to boost up keywords in your website like “carpet cleaning” and “pet stain removal”. If you focus on local SEO you’re going to focus on “carpet cleaning in San Francisco” and “pet stain removal in San Francisco”, but you will also need to focus on adding your business to local business directories, Google My Business, and building up your citation count. Check out this Forbes article that explains the importance of citations.

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wordpress for small business

Getting Started With WordPress for Small Businesses

I might be a little bias, but I think WordPress is the best website option for 99% of small businesses. Although WordPress is a great option, it can be quite challenging for non-technical people to get up and running with a website built on WordPress. If you make it as far as getting a website up and running on a web host, there is always the question of “What next?” What do you do about backups, website security, should you buy a premium theme, etc. etc.

While “Getting Started with WordPress” could easily be a book, this post will take a look at some simple next steps business owners can take after they get their WordPress website set up.

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